Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

You were there on the first day of my life,
I danced with you when I married my wife.
You chauffered this child all over town
and held me so close when I would feel down.
You tripped on the stairs when I left a mess.
You wiped off each tear, each sneeze you would bless.

But when you left dad, I felt so alone.
I wish you had stayed until I was all grown.
Each night you would miss me drown in my tears
I grew old, but not up, adding my years.
I needed you mom, so my heart would not crack.
Time that we lost we will never get back.

Despite all of this, if I had to choose
I'd pick you as my mom, knowing I'd lose
so much when you left.  You were my one:
Imperfect mom of an imperfect son.
In the time we had left, I'm glad we forgave
each other and took our love to your grave.

Gone once again, let's forget all mistakes
I'm glad even now that my heart still breaks.

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