Thursday, November 3, 2016

Trailer Time: Wonder Woman Official Trailer

I think this film looks fantastic!

It has the historical feel of Captain America: The First Avenger mixed with a visual style and tone of 300.  And for me that is a good thing.

The two parts that stand out to me are the little alley fight where Diana is using her deflection bracelets.

The other is when she is boldly walking across no man's land.

The only big fear I have is if this movie does what a lot of the DC TV shows do: preach.

I am scared that they are going to use the time period as a means to have Diana preach some kind of modern egalitarianism in a way that detracts from the story.

But otherwise, I am completely excited for this!

You can go to the YouTube and check out the video by clicking this link.


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