Monday, January 4, 2016

New Evangelizers Post: Catholic Pop Culture of 2015

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As I have for the last two years I shall recall any good things from the popular culture that are harmonious or helpful to Catholic culture. There were many things past year and many things coming up in 2016 that are antithetical to the Gospel. But there were a few bright spots in 2015.

And as I have previously written it is not necessary to indulge a fascination with pop culture (e.g. you don’t have to care about what awkward deviancy Miley Cyrus is advocating this week), but we should have some awareness of it and maybe (if it is our charism) to engage with it to make it more Christlike.

I would like to focus on the most Catholic moments in pop culture from the past year. As a teacher, I have found that using the language of modern television, movies, and the like can be very effective at illustrating all manner of theological truths.

It should be noted that any mention of positive examples from movies or television shows below is not an endorsement of the entire of the entire project. Some stories have mixed messages. Or some may be too explicit or violent. This is merely a touchstone to highlight any good moments that came out of pop culture in 2015. And feel free to disagree. But here are some points that I intend to use in the classroom.

Beware, in order to discuss the Catholicity of the movies and television shows below, 

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