Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday Best: Movies to Watch New Year's Eve 2014

I know some of you have been waiting for the Catholic Skywalker Awards for movies, but honestly, I need just a little more time to put that together.

So for this Sunday Best article, I wanted to focus on the 2 best movies to watch this New Year's Eve.


The best movie I've seen regarding New Year's Eve is clearly When Harry Met Sally.  The movie is fairly vulgar and it has an incredibly loose plot structure, but it works very well.  One of the reasons is the incredible comic chemistry between Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan.  But it also has an incredibly romantic heart underneath a seemingly cynical exterior.

And the New Year's Even finale (SPOILERS AHEAD) always gets me.  It sums up what New Year's Eve is supposed to be about: New Beginnings.

 I love watching Harry run, not carrying how he's dressed, what Sally will say, but running to her because, as he says, "When you figure out you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you want the rest of your life to begin as soon as possible."


But there are specific movies to be watched at particular New Year's celebrations.  On New Year's Eve 2000, we watched 2001: A Space Odyssey (We got bored though, so we muted it and played The Empire Strikes Back soundtrack over it.  It was much better).

Escape from New York should have been watched on New Year's Eve 1996, as the movie was set in 1997.  Or you could have watched Predator 2, also set in a future 1997.

For New Year's Even 2004, watching the animated Transformers Movie gets you ready for what 2005 was supposed to look like (with Transformers).

But this New Year's Eve is a biggie because we are about to enter 2015.  Which means we should check out the projected future of Back to the Future Part II.

I am going to rematch it New Year's Eve to see how close they came.  Among the things promised by this movie that we don't have:

1.  Flying Cars
2.  Hoverboards
3.  Holographic movies (particularly Jaws 19)
4.  Dust repellent paper.
5.  Self-tying laces
6.  Auto-fit, auto-dry jackets
7.  Hydrators
8.  Mr. Fusion

What do we have?

1.  Tv Phones (or Skype)
2.  Interface glasses (Googleglass)
3.  Thumb print security

I'll be watching to see how close we came to others.


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  1. Not entirely true about the hoverboards: Tony Hawk riding a prototype: