Saturday, November 29, 2014

New Evangelizers Post: The Church Uses Live Ammo

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I’ve observed a general feeling in much of the world today that looks at the Catholic Church as an outdated group with quaint, if not retrograde, beliefs that just can’t leave well enough alone.

“Who cares if people of the same sex want to get ‘married?’  How does that hurt me?”

“What’s the big deal with allowing divorced and remarried people (without annulment) to receive Eucharist?  If it makes them feel more connected to the God, then why not?

“Why shouldn’t a priest be allowed to report child molesters who confess to them?  

Wouldn’t it be irresponsible not to do so?”

I’m sure you could think of more questions like these that you’ve encountered in your discussions about the Catholic Church.  We are cast as moral busybodies who cannot get with the times.

The thing is that I can completely understand objections like this.  They make total and complete sense…IF the Church is just a Church made by man.  

But of course, we know that it is not.  It is the Church of God.  And God uses live ammo.

You can read the entire article here.

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