Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall TV Season Preview 2014

I remember when new shows would start at the beginning of September around when school began.  I remember because it helped lessen the blow of returning to school.  I had to spend most of my day in class, but at least when I got home there was new TV to watch.

This week we are kicking into full swing with new shows and returning shows.  I've read a number of places that people in the industry are turning to television as a place of real vision and drama and daring as opposed to big budget movies.  As a result, I am more expectant of higher quality product.

Of course, that doesn't mean there isn't some unmitigated crap on the airwaves.

Here are my thoughts on some new shows that I want to catch and returning shows that I want to see again.



I am so excited for this series.  One of my favorite Batman related comic series was one called Gotham Central that focused on the cops in the Gotham Major Crimes Unit.  This looks like it could be a such a good police procedural with a super hero twist.
Premieres Monday Sept. 22th

Jane the Virgin

A story about a virgin who gets accidentally inseminated at the OB/GYN. I am curious about this show. It will probably just make fun of religious faith and chastity, but I want to see if it will
Premieres Monday Oct. 13th


I like John Cho and this is supposed to be a modern telling of My Fair Lady, but my expectations are low.
Premieres Tuesday Sept. 30th

The Flash

This is probably the show I am most excited for. I love Arrow and if they follow to the tone of the Geoff Johns comics then this will be TV/Comic Book heaven for me.
Premieres Tuesday Oct. 7th


Something tells me that the gimmick of the character dying and rising again over and over but this could have a good dynamic and I like the idea of an old immortal who is an expert on death
Premieres Tuesday Sept. 22


I have higher hopes for this. The previews have been funny and I like how the show looks at race in a humorous way that seems open and funny than divisive and mean.
Premieres Wednesday. Sept. 24th

Red Band Society

I actually got a chance to see this when it premiered last week. It was awful, awful dreck. This could have been some compelling, tragic TV, but it was so one-dimensional that I couldn't stomach it.

How to Get Away With Murder

I like legal shows and I love Viola Davis as an actress. But the more I see of the show, the less interesting it looks. As far as I can tell from the promos, there are no likable characters in the show
Premieres Thursday Sept. 25th


A mini-series murder mystery in a small town staring Dr. Who and Mrs. Heisenberg. This could be really good.
Premieres Thursday Oct. 2


Of all the new comic book shows that are premiering, this is the one I have the lowest expectations for. I was never a fan of the series, but the character can be compelling and interesting so I'll give it a shot.
Premieres Friday Oct. 24th


Dancing with the Stars

This will be the first time I've watched the show from the start. It is oddly compelling.


One of the most fun dramas on TV and it starts with a mystery from last season.

Agents of SHIELD

The end of the season was strong, I hope it keeps up at the beginning of this season and doesn't need another 16 episodes to ramp up.

New Girl

The show still has a good deal of wit, but it is getting ickier and ickier. The season premiere had some kind of nasty stuff. This might be a break it season.

The Middle

Sue Heck is my favorite character on the show and this season is supposed to focus on her a lot for her senior year.

The Goldbergs

A wonderful surprise from last year. I hope the quality keeps up.


After all of these years I can still get caught up in the real, yet contrived, drama.


So excited for the premiere. If this season is as good as last, I am going to be so happy!

The Big Bang Theory

My comfort show. Looking forward to spending more time with these characters.


I know its TV blasphemy, but I actually like Johnny Lee Miller's Sherlock more than Benedict Cumberbatch. He is more broken and more human because of it.

The Amazing Race

The best reality show on TV still. Hands down.

The Simpsons

The recent mega-marathon only solidified the amazing quality of the show even after more than a quarter of a century.

Brooklyn 99

I liked this show a lot more than I expected and I am incredibly curious to see where the new season takes us.

The Walking Dead

I am nervously excited about this next season. It is going to be tense and hurty to watch, but I think that the show might just now be hitting its stride. And that's saying something.

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