Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wonder Gal!

The internet exploded over Batfleck a few months ago.

And now it has been announced that they have also cast Wonder Woman for the new Superman/Batman movie.

Gal Godot will now step up as one of the actors occupying the DC Comics movie universe trinity with Henry Cavill as Superman (which they never actually call him in the entire Man of Steel movie) and Ben Affleck as Batman.

I have not seen in her anything, so I am neither jazzed or disappointed.  From what I've seen online so far, she looks as though she could play the part.  At least she seems like a better choice than the failed TV pilot with Adrianne Palicki and that infamous Party City Wonder Woman costume she wore.

This now puts us one step closer to having our Justice League movie!

What are your thoughts?

(By the way, if you've been anticipating the news about Wonder Woman casting, does this mean that you were waiting for Godot?)

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